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Intel PCPals

Intel created a wonderful community program a few years ago called PC Pals where students and Intel employees became pen pals using e-mail.  After filling out a “Get To Know You” form, the students are matched up with an Intel employee, who volunteers his/her time to correspond with them.
The hours spent reading and writing letters throughout the year, will benefit your child academically and our school financially.  Academically, the students will improve their reading, writing, communication and computer skills. Financially, our schools will earn money for every hour spent by the Intel employee reading or writing letters to their PC Pal through the Intel Volunteer Matching Grant Program (VMGP).  For every 20 hours an employee volunteers in a school, the Intel Foundation will match those hours with $200.  The hours can also be combined with a group of employees to earn dollars for a school.
This is a very exciting and valuable program for students. Of course they are practicing  their writing skills when exchanging emails. Perhaps even more important is the fact that they are being exposed to a group of exemplary professionals working in a cutting edge environment. It has been inspiring to a number of 6th graders and has started them thinking about their own futures.
If you work at Intel or know of anyone who does, please consider joining us in this program. Please contact Mrs. Bolton if you are interested.