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Active 4 Me / Smart Routes to School

students walking and biking to school
Use Your Shoes Tuesdays!  
Walking and biking to school helps provide students with necessary exercise, increases student focus in class, decreases pollution, and creates a safer school environment.
In partnership with Smart Routes to School, we will continue with our participation in the Active4Me program which allows parents to track their student’s arrival at school by text, email or phone call!  Students will have their barcode scanned to track the health and cost benefits of active transportation and parents will receive a real-time notification of their students’ arrival at school (no personal information is linked to student’s account).  Students who walk or ride a bike/scooter to school on Tuesdays will win cumulative points which they can exchange for prizes.  Our goal is to decrease gasoline emissions while increasing the number of students using active transportation (walking, cycling, riding scooters) to and from school. Help us promote health and wellness, safe routes, and bicycle/scooter helmet safety!  View Sunrise Elementary’s Smarts Routes to School map!
Register for Active4Me and get to school by using your shoes on Tuesdays! Spartan Shields and classroom awards will also be given throughout the year.
Visit the Active4Me website for more information. You may also return a signed paper form to school!
Parent volunteers are needed to help scan students on Tuesdays!  Email Elle Steele at for more info.